KOJADI Education Incentive Award Scheme


These Rules shall be called “The Rules on KOJADI Education Incentive Award Scheme” (the Rules) formulated by the Board of KOJADI (the Board) to govern the scope, operations and management for KOJADI Education Incentive Award Scheme (the Scheme).

The objective of the Scheme is to grant education incentive awards to KOJADI members and their children at various levels of examinations (as listed in Rule 4 below) to encourage them to strive for excellence in education.

Who Can Apply

  1. *The Scheme is open to qualified KOJADI members who have paid up a minimum of RM100 shares for at least one (1) full calendar year and their children (Grand children of members are not eligible).
  2. Awards are given based on previous year examination results (for primary and secondary schools)
  3. Each qualified member / child is eligible to apply for only one of the specified examinations only.
  4. Members / Students who are borrowers in any KOJADI’s loan scheme are eligible to apply provided they are not in default of the loan repayments (including interest) at the time of application until the announcement of the said Scheme.
  5. Member shall not be a person whom a conviction stands for a registrable offence, or be mentally disabled, or an undischarged bankrupt person.

Number and Quantum of Awards

  1. The number and quantum of awards are subject to the allocation made for the purpose each year. The decision of the Board on all matters pertaining to the number and quantum of awards shall be final.
  2. The types of awards and their details are as follows:-

    1. *Primary and Secondary Schools

      Level Examination Minimum Achievement Cash Award
      Std 1-5 - - -
      Std 6 UPSR Full passes with 5A’s RM 100.00
      Form 1-2 - - -
      Form 3 PT3 Full passes with 5A’s RM 150.00
      Form 4 - - -
      Form 5 SPM/O Level Full passes with 8A’s RM 200.00
      Lower 6 - - -
      Upper 6

      STPM / A Level /

      Full passes with CGPA
      3.5 and above or equivalent to 3A's

      RM 300.00
    2. ** Terms and Conditions apply

    3. Chinese Independent Schools

      Level Examination Minimum Achievement Cash Award
      Year 1-2 - - -
      Year 3 Unified Exam Junior Middle Full passes with 6A’s RM 200
      Year 4-5 - - -
      Year 6 Unified Exam Senior Middle Full passes with 8A’s RM 300


  1. Application must be made in the prescribed form and submitted together with the relevant supporting documents to reach KOJADI not later than          31 May 2016. Proof of posting is not proof of receipt.
  2. Application form is available free of charge from KOJADI at either the address or website given above.
  3. Incomplete application will not be entertained.

Amendments to the Rules
The Board reserves the absolute right to revise the terms and conditions of these Rules from time to time and to cease the implementation of this Scheme as it deems fit and necessary.